EventsAIR assists you manage your tasks


Events 101 - Manage Your Tasks


Whether you are six months out or onsite at your event, staying organized means managing the hundreds of tasks that need to be completed. Our built-in PROJECT MANAGER and RUN SHEET tools let you assign team members to various tasks, track progress, status and organize your assignments so you can view them graphically with Gantt Charts.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Assign team members to tasks, and organize those tasks in logical groupings
  •  Track due dates, status, progress and priority for each task
  •  Interactively view run sheets as part of session or function setup
  •  Filter views by agenda, team member, date or location
  •  Manage your onsite tasks in real time using the Mobile Organizer App
  •  Easily re-assign dates and assignments
  •  Export all tasks and times to Excel


Useful Tip

Your event is made up of thousands of small tasks, all equally important in the successful execution of the event. These tasks need to be constantly managed, re-prioritized and updated. Your event date cannot move and it is vital that time is dedicated to managing the constant flow of tasks. Lack of task and project management can cause your event to quickly spiral out of control.