EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update Course

There are many meeting professionals around the globe who have extensive experience with our former flagship tool, EventsPRO. Thousands of students also completed the EventsPRO Rising Star course. For these professionals and students, we offer an EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update Course. This course is designed for both existing Rising Star students who were trained on EventsPRO and for current/former EventsPRO professionals to gain training and an advanced certification in EventsAIR.

The EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update course is a web-based, one-day course led by one of our certified instructors. This course will enhance and expand the skill set of meeting professionals and provide certification in the cutting-edge technology of EventsAIR. A pre-requisite of this course is completion of an EventsPRO Rising Star course or 2 years industry experience with EventsPRO.

Topics included in the course include:

 Module 1: Creating an Event

  • Getting Started in EventsAIR
  • Setting Up Contact Details
  • Setting Up Registration Details
  • Setting Up Accommodation

Module 2: Taking Your Event Online

  • Preparing to Go Online
  • Using the Interactive Site Builder
  • Mobile Attendee and Organizer Apps

Module 3: Attendee Management

  • Working with Attendee Records
  • Processing Attendee Payments and Refunds
  • Communications and Merge Docs

Module 4: Event Management

  • Statistics and Alerts
  • Project Management
  • Agendas and Run Sheets
  • Reporting
  • Accounting and Budgeting

For details regarding registration fees, course dates and availability, please visit the EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update Online Registration Site.