Comprehensive Tools for Any Event

Contacts and Attendees

You are able to quickly and logically collect, organize and access comprehensive data about each participant at your event. Taking advantage of the single view architecture, you can see all attendee details in one place and take care of updates, financials, communications and more from a single efficient location.

Utilizing the Contact Store, you are able to access and manage a centralized database of contact records with profiles and maintain a history of events attended.

From the Attendee Panel, view participation details in a single view

Manage the entire attendee record intuitively and easily

Work with multiple attendees and contacts across multiple events at the same time

Process payments and refunds with a few simple clicks of your mouse

Send communications on the fly or use pre-written email templates

Maintain contact records and profiles of frequent participants

You and your team are empowered to manage your attendees and contacts across multiple events more efficiently with the powerful contact management tools in EventsAIR.

Contacts and Attendees

Registration and Activities

Registrations and Activities

Events are a study in details. You can leverage the design and powerful workflows in EventsAIR to manage unlimited registration types and activities so you can keep those details accurate and accessible at all times.

Your registration categories can collect all types of important information, including fees, inventories, alerts and more. Custom fields can be easily configured to manage your specific requirements with options that allow documents and images to be submitted during the registration process.

Your functions and activities can be as diverse and unique as you need. Whether your activity is inclusive or a fee is charged, you can define inventories, waitlists and multiple fee levels as required. You can collect important data surrounding room assignments, AV requirements, agenda integration and more. The graphical floor plan designer lets you define room layouts that are used later for table seating assignments. The drag and drop table allocation tool lets you manage table assignments quickly and easily.

EventsAIR makes your event design efforts intuitive and painless with powerful workflow tools

 Clone entire events or specific components for re-use in future events

Create unlimited registration types, functions and activities

Control inventory and generate inventory alerts

Extend discount codes and packages to further automate the registration process

Design table seating plans and manage seat allocation

Defining and managing the data you collect will allow you to generate powerful metrics reports and ensure that you have the information you need to manage all aspects of your meetings and events. 


Accommodation management takes time and focus to pull together all of the moving pieces you encounter. Using EventsAIR’s powerful accommodation tools, you can manage multiple hotels, track inventory by hotel and by room type, manage sub blocks and publish images for hotels and rooms.

There are comprehensive reports to manage booking changes and inventory. The dynamic Alerts system will proactively let you know when your room inventory falls below pre-set limits that you define.

The Hotel Portal allows your hotel partners to login and extract rooming lists in real time, as well as access attendee room guarantee credit card data via the PCI Compliant Credit Card Vault. You are also able to take advantage of room release management tools, room availability management and group management tools.

Define and manage an unlimited number of hotels

Manage rooms, sub blocks and group assignments

Manage inventory at the hotel or room level

Manage room pricing on a fixed or variable schedule

Track and manage room release schedules

Effectively manage inventory with powerful room alert and room block tools

Enable your hotel partners to import room lists with automated updates

No matter how small or large your accommodation program, EventsAIR offers you unparalleled control and management of your entire hotel accommodation process.  




There are many ways to manage your attendees' travel requirements, but you know that keeping track of the details is a high priority.

Utilizing the powerful EventsAIR platform, you are able to track in-bound and out-bound flights, handle airport transfers and provide detailed itineraries. You can manage group travel where you have a certain number of seats on specific flights as well as manage flights with multiple legs. The needs of fully independent travellers are also supported and you can record passenger specific information such as frequent flyer details.

The travel tools can be used for any type of travel whether the mode of transport is plane, train, coach or boat. If you work with travel agents or management teams, you are also able to automatically import flight details from a GDS/CRS or Excel.

Manage airport to hotel transfers

Import travel data from most GDS systems, including Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus or Apollo

Travel details can be reported and displayed in attendee itineraries and schedules

Managing travel has lots of moving parts and EventsAIR gives you the tools to stay on top of all your travel management requirements.


Using the Presentations management tools, you can capture and manage all information relating to event speakers, including presentation details, room, time, audio-visual requirements and special requests. If you need the speakers to supply deliverables such as a bio or high-resolution photo, that can also be easily managed and processed with speaker checklists.

Information and documents collected in EventsAIR can be accessed, reported and made accessible in mobile apps and the Quick Website Builder through the integrated agenda.

Use special organizer tools to structure your sessions and assign presentations in different formats, including general sessions, panels and poster sessions

Manage presenter deliverables and provide your attendees with ways to download and view abstracts, papers, bios and other supporting documents

With EventsAIR’s powerful Presentation management tools, you are able to stay on top of the many details and deliverables to make your work easier to manage and organize.