2016 EventsAIR User Conference Europe


The 2016 EventsAIR User Conference for Europe was held on April 14-15, 2016 with an enthusiastic and focused group of EventsAIR users from all over Europe.

Conference attendees experienced an innovative schedule of hands-on learning sessions, live Webinars and interactive sessions with members of the EventsAIR Innovation Lab.

Attendees were able to experience hands-on a variety of tools for onsite regstration management, marketing email design, mobile apps and much more.

During two interactive sessions, attendees were able to ask about current uses of EventsAIR and to provide numerous wish-list items to be presented to the EventsAIR Innovation Lab for possible inclusion in a future release.

CEO Trevor Gardiner was on hand to share his vision for the future of EventsAIR, and other members of the EventsAIR and Touchpoint teams were on hand as well.

Plans are underway for our second annual User Conference in Sydney - check this page often for updates for our next conference!